Lead Anodes from JL Goslar

Our lead and lead alloy anodes are used in all areas of electroplating technology. We make a distinction between anodes for metal extraction and anodes for surface finishing.

Anodes for Metal Extraction

JL Goslar Anoden GmbH specialises in the field of anodes for metal extraction. We continually share knowledge with research and technology and develop effective concepts for the optimal use of our lead anodes in your electrolysis business. As experts in economical and environmentally friendly industrial production, we can also provide you with comprehensive advice on all issues relating to your anode recycling programme. With our complete lead anodes and anode plates for electrolytic metal extraction, we meet both the increasing demands for quality and cost-effectiveness in the operating equipment and the individual requirements of our customers.

Anodes for Metal Treatment (Surface-Finishing)

You will find the anodes that provide a surface finish, and are therefore used in metal processing, in the "Lead/Steel Apparatus Engineering" division at JL Goslar GmbH.

You can find our more about anodes for metal processing here …