We opt for the highest quality for the efficiency of your production.

The quality of our anodes is evident in particular:
• in their high energy efficiency
• in the low contamination of the electrolyte
• in the high level of purity of the metals extracted

With analysis in our in-house metal laboratory, and the manufacturing on our modern production lines with automatic tinning systems, semi-automatic head casting machines and robot welding cells, there are no limits to what we can achieve. The anodes can be produced in any alloy and any size required - precisely to our customers' specifications.

Our quality assurance, which runs alongside production, ensures perfect results at all times. When it comes to transporting the finished anodes, we are also happy to accommodate our customers' requirements and can offer tailor-made, functional solutions whenever you need them.

Technological studies and a continuous exchange of knowledge with both scientific institutes and our customers serve to supplement our expertise and form a solid basis for providing you with individual advice!

Any Questions?

Dr. Michael Reuter

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