Lead Recycling - a Win-Win-Situation

Given its position at the start of the value-creation chain, lead is often invisible in end products and yet, many things only work because of lead. You need only think of batteries, communications electronics, church roofs, organ pipes, glass, X-ray films and, last but not least, the products that use the outstanding properties of lead in providing protection against harmful radiation.

The recycling of used products is gaining in importance in supplying the economy with raw materials. Lead has one of the highest recycling rates in comparison to other metals, and recycled lead is identical with the primary raw material found in nature. Lead is therefore one of the leaders in the field of metal recovery.

Not only have we optimised the efficiency of our production processes, but we have also committed ourselves increasingly to recycling used JL Goslar products. Together, we can therefore make a valuable contribution to sustainability - and you can find out all about the conditions for return and payment for used lead products as soon as you place your new order with JL Goslar.

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More about lead recycling within the JL Goslar group

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