Anodes for Metal Treatment

Wherever the shiny properties of metals are required and are crucial when it comes to selling a product, the resistance to corrosion of the anodes used is of key importance.

Anodes for hard chrome plating
Anodes for hard chrome plating and other electrochemical processes must meet high specifications, as the quality, processing and type of lead alloy are crucial for the results. The highest possible purity of the lead alloy is particularly important in this context, as even small amounts of undesirable impurities can have a detrimental effect on the electrolytic bath. A wide range of mountings and anode profiles, which are exclusively extruded, are manufactured cost-effectively in our workshops.

Anodes for stainless steel pickling lines
The manufacture of lead anodes for stainless steel pickling lines is one of the specialities of JL Goslar. Using a special lead alloy of optimal thickness, we produce extremely hard-wearing anodes. The result is satisfied customers throughout the world.

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