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Privacy statement

As a user of our website, you will find in this privacy statement all information about how, to which extent and to which purpose we or third-party providers collect or use your data. The collection and use of your data is performed in strict observance of the statutory prescriptions, in particular according to the basic EU Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO) and the German Data Protection Act (new). We are particularly committed to protecting confidentiality of your personal data and thus strictly work within the limits of the legal provisions. The collection of these personal data is effected on a voluntary basis, as far as possible. Furthermore, your personal data will only be communicated to third parties with your express consent. For particularly confidential data as for instance in the field of payment transactions or relating to your inquiries, we ensure a high security level by applying the SSL encryption. But at this point, we would like to take the opportunity to draw your attention to the general dangers of Internet use which are beyond our control. During e-mail communications in particular, your personal data are not secure without taking further precautions and could possibly be collected by unauthorized third parties.


Name and contact data of the person responsible for data processing:

Name of company:                JL Goslar Anoden GmbH
Name:                                   Philip Mats Hartmann             
Phone number:                     +49 5321 754 - 0
E-Mail address:           


Contact data of the data protection office:

Kämmer Consulting GmbH
Phone number: 0531/702249-0
E-Mail address:


Purpose of data processing

When our website is accessed, the following data are saved for organizational and technical reasons: The names of the web pages you have visited, the browser type and operating system you use, date and time of your visit to our website, the search machines you used, the names of downloaded files and your IP address.

We analyze this technical data anonymously and only for statistical purposes in order to continue to optimize our Internet presence and to make our on-line services even more attractive. These data are stored separately from other personal information in secured systems without any conclusions being drawn to individual persons.


Processing of personal data

According to the principles of data avoidance and data economy, personal data are only stored and processed to the extent and as long as this is necessary for using our website or as this is legally prescribed. We take the protection of your personal data seriously and strictly comply with the corresponding legal prescriptions and this privacy statement when collecting and processing personal data. The collected data are blocked or deleted as soon as they are no longer necessary to achieve the purpose of their collection or as soon as the legally prescribed retention period expires. Our website can be used on a regular basis without any transmission of personal data. If we collect personal data – like your name, address or e-mail address – this data collection is effected on a voluntary basis. Such data are not disclosed to any unauthorized third parties without your expressly given consent. Please note that data transfer on the Internet is generally not secure. During e-mail communication in particular, the protection of personal data in case of data exchange cannot be guaranteed.

The collected data will not be used for an automated case-by-case decision, profiling or scoring.


Your rights as data subject

At any time you have the right to get free information on your personal data stored on our servers as well as on their origin, recipient and the purpose of data processing. Furthermore, you are entitled to request the correction, blocking or deletion of your data. Exempt therefrom are data which are to be stored due to legal prescription or are required for a proper business processing. To enable locking of data to be possible at any time, those data must be kept in a lock file for control purposes. If the data are not subject to legal archiving obligations, we will delete your data upon request. If the data are subject to legal archiving obligations, we will block your data. For all questions and issues relating to the correction, blocking or deletion of personal data, please contact our data protection officer via the contact data indicated in this privacy statement or the address stated in the imprint.

If according to your opinion, your rights relating to the handling of your personal data are not fully respected, you are entitled to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.



We also use cookies on our website. These small text files from our server are placed on your PC. They support the representation of our website and help you to move within our website. Cookies collect data on your IP address, your browser used, your operating system and your Internet connection. We do not combine such information with personal data and do not pass them on to any third parties. Under no circumstances, we use cookies to place malicious programs or spyware on your computer. You can also use our website without using cookies, but some representations and functions of our offer might possibly function to a restricted extent. If you wish to deactivate cookies, you can use specific settings of your browser. Please refer to your browser’s help function to make the corresponding adjustments.

Cookies for on-line ads can be managed through the following links: for the United States for Europe.


Collection of access data

Streaming and presentation of our website contents require the collection of certain data. When you access to our website, the collection of these so-called server log files is performed by us or our webspace provider. These log files do not allow us to deduce information concerning you or your person. This relates to the following information: Name of website, file, current date, data volume, web browser and its version, operating system used, domain name of your Internet provider, referrer URL as site from which you moved to our site as well as the corresponding IP address. We use these data for presenting and streaming our contents and for statistical purposes. Such information supports the provision and ongoing improvement of our website. Furthermore, we reserve the right to check the mentioned data later, should there be any suspicion that an illegal use of our offer has been committed..


Content and services provided by third parties

The offer on our website may also include content, services and benefits of other providers complementing our offer. This relates for instance to maps provided by Google Maps, YouTube videos or graphics of third party providers. The transfer of your IP address is regularly required by the third party for activating these services. In this way, these providers are enabled to perceive your user IP address and to store it. We make every effort to only involve third-party providers exclusively using the IP addresses for streaming the contents. But we cannot influence which third-party provider will possibly store the IP address. Storage of these data can, for instance, be used for statistical purposes. If we acquire knowledge about processes of storing effected by third-party providers, we will immediately inform our users about this. In this regard please note also the particular privacy statement relating to specific third-parties and providers the service of which we use on our website.

They are also included in this privacy statement.


SSL encryption

Our website uses SSL encryption for transferring confidential or personal content of our users. This encryption is for instance activated for performing payment transactions or for inquiries made through our website. Please make sure to activate SSL encryption on your part for performing the corresponding activities. The use of this encryption is easy to detect: The indication in the browser line changes from “http://” to “https://”. SSL-encrypted data are not readable for third parties. Transmit your confidential information only with activated SSL encryption and contact us in case of doubt.


Google Maps plug-in

On our website, we use a plug-in of the Internet service provider Google Maps. Google Maps is operated by Google Inc., located in U.S.A., CA 94043, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View. By using Google Maps on our website, information on the usage of this website plus your IP address are transferred to a Google server in the United States and are also stored on this server. We do not know neither the exact content of the data transferred nor their usage through Google. With this regard, the company negates these data to be combined with information from other Google services and the collection of personal data. However, Google is able to transfer the information to third parties. By deactivating Javascript on your browser, you prevent Google Maps from being executed. But in this case, the usage of map screen on our website will not be possible as well. By using our website, you agree to the described collection and processing of information through Google Inc. For further details on the privacy policy and terms of use of Google Maps please click here:



Dataprotection information for applicants

see PDF (german language).