Good advice from the start – from the first point of contact through to delivery

Specifications for metal extraction rates are increasing all the time, as is the demand for perfect electrolytic equipment. The need for advice is also growing continually as a result. We are prepared for this.

Even at the design stage and when we are planning the production of your anodes, we always keep an eye on the big picture. We provide information about possible manufacturing processes, point out the advantages and disadvantages of individual technologies, highlight the risks and discuss the costs openly. As a result, you will end up with exactly the anode you need for your purposes.

Of course, we also advise you individually on the alloy which we choose in consultation with you, so that it produces the best possible results for metal extraction.

In order to make the handling of the anodes as easy as possible for our customers during transport and handover, we can respond to any requirements.

We provide functional solutions, from packing on transport pallets, to transport frames including anodes that are fully ready for operation.


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Anodes with transport frame